Plum and Patchouli Premium Home Diffuser Refill


Signature Fragrance: Plum and Patchouli

A desirable musky fragrance from the early blossoms of spring floating through your home all through the day.

Experience the calm, courage, and strength as you inhale and exhale, relax by the gorgeously rich, and luxurious scent of nature in the wind.

Transform your home with this divine, warm, welcoming mix of plum and patchouli.

How To Use

  1. Simply pour the desired amount into your existing diffuser bottle carefully
  2. Insert the reeds into the bottle
  3. Ensure they are touching the bottom, and watch as the fragrance of your space begins to change as the scent swirls all over the room and into the corners by your amazing home fragrance of choice
  4. Flip your reeds every 48 hours to keep the scent fresh

Our oils and diffuser base are non-toxic and contain no lead, paraben, or phthalates.
Reeds are not supplied with this product.

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