Richie Rich 450g

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Switch up the ambience of your home with this fragrance: From regular to wealthy!

Notes: Neroli essential oil sourced from Tunisia, Juicy red grape, orange blossom, water lily, lush green and crystalized sugar.(Phthalates and Paraben free)

This fragrance was formulated to burn for a short time, but linger for a longer time.

Candle Burn Time:
Up to 101 Hours

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1 review for Richie Rich 450g

  1. Grace

    I was excited to finally be able to purchase this candle in the US based on the many positive reviews it has but then I was quite disappointed, It does not smell that great to me, it’s smell fine but not great. Another thing , the packaging isn’t so nice, not neat enough. It had wax all over the jar, the label on the candle wasn’t placed properly. I buy candles a lot from top brands, in addition to the fragrance, I look forward to the jar and everything because I believe candles add to decor.
    Another thing is the shipping fee, I feel $13 is a bit too high .

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